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Blue H.E.L.P. App

In 2019, Crowdsourced Geofencing Solutions LLC CEO Kevin Angell, a retired Law Enforcement Officer and Veteran, partnered with Blue H.E.L.P. President and Co-Founder Karen Solomon to take their powerful website and make it into a mobile application.

The goal was to promote their H.E.L.P. mission through:

Honor - by adding the Honor Wall to the mobile platform;

Educate - by giving mobile access to resources and educational materials;

Lead - by providing direction, help, resources, educational materials and understanding;

Prevent - by providing access to methods of suicide prevention in the palm of your hand.

The family at Crowdsourced Geofencing Solutions LLC is proud to provide this platform and no cost to our partners at Blue H.El.L.P. and simply access that your support their mission.

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