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  • Our apps are in use by law enforcement, public safety, local and city government and school districts in 25 states across the country.

  • Our apps are being used in roughly 100 districts by almost 500 schools.

  • Our apps are being used by nearly 250 law enforcement agencies.

  • Our apps have nearly 1.5 million users on the Android and iOS platform.

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Technology Partners

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National School Security Information Sharing System

The National School Security Information Sharing System is intended to encourage information sharing among educational administrators, school security personnel and school resource officers. The NSSISS seeks to empower administrators to provide the most practical and sustainable security for their individual schools and districts. The exchange of relevant, applicable and trusted knowledge, policies and practices will facilitate more effective planning, fill gaps in preparation, enhance current procedures, and ultimately provide safer campuses across the country.

School Safety Advocacy Council

The School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC) was established in 2005 with the goal of providing the highest quality school safety training and services to school districts, law enforcement agencies and communities. The Council was founded to expand beyond the singular approach of relying on law enforcement as the solution for school violence to a cooperative approach which includes all stakeholders.

Coyote Coding

Crowdsourced Geofencing Solutions uses Coyote Coding as its third-party software reviewer for all platforms used by the government, that transact financial information or require additional security.
SaferMobility is a unique safety solution to deliver personal safety through an easy to use a smartphone app that connects directly to your security or law enforcement teams. Years ahead of next-generation 911. It can be easily configured to protect a campus, a community, or an office park.
SafeResource is a Mobile Safety System designed specifically for retail establishments. The System requires no additional hardware and functions on both Android and Apple iPhone (iOS) Smartphones employees carry every day. SafeResource protects employees when they are most vulnerable, limits liability, may reduce liability insurance costs.
CGS is the national partner for SafeResource in municipalities, local and state government.
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